March News 2016

February in Review
February was a very busy month…aren’t all the months? During the first two weeks of February we finished our Author Study Unit with Audrey Wood and Laura Numeroff. While studying about Audrey Wood we used our imaginations to explore what would happen next after the Napping House ended, create metaphors to go with I am as Quick as a Cricket and draw the never-shown bear in The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear. Laura Numeroff books led us to experiment with cause and effect. The children wrote their own book, If you Give a _______ a _________ and we participated in an experiment with sharp pencils and a bag of water. The students predicted what would happen when the pencils were inserted into the bag of water. What happened surprised them all as no water leaked out. We then went into the Visual Arts Theme. The children have learned that art is not just painting and that we all get something different out of art. The students have been experimenting with different techniques and mediums and learning about different artists. So far they learned about Georgia O’Keeffe and Piet Mondrian.

In March they will be exposed to Jackson Pollack, Monet, Picasso and Michelangelo. The children also enjoyed a trip to The Concrete Couch in Manitou Springs. They were able to see the different studios and explore the distinctive artistic tools and materials. The children also made a tile out of clay that will help decorate a wall at the downtown library. They had a wonderful time visiting with artist Steve Wood.In March we will be ending our Visual Arts Theme in grand fashion. On March 4th the students will have an Art Show that will begin about 3:30 and end at 4:15. Please plan to come by and see what your student has been doing. Families are encouraged to admire the art that will be displayed and read about the children’s journey to the creation of that piece. It will be a wonderful
time. Cheese, fruit and juice will be provided.
After our Visual Arts Theme we will begin our physics theme of Simple Machines. The children will learn about wheels, axles, gears, levers, wedges, pulleys, inclined planes and screws. This theme will include a trip to Fire Station #9 on March 29th to see how simple machines make everyone’s life easier especially for the first responders.
Also coming up:
Language Arts:
 Handwriting and alliteration for Nn, Mm and Hh
 Rhyming sounds -oo (like school), -een and –ick
 Asking questions to gain information
 Writing: Where will you go and how
will you get there?
 Journaling: One day my friend and I ____________.
Math, Social Studies and Science:
 Writing and Valuing: 15, 16, 17 and 18
 Observing: Geo shapes
 Sensing: Textures
 Discovering: Simple Machines
 Creating: A water wheel
 Problem Solving: How can you lift a
 Understanding: Balance

Specials News:
PE: During the month of February we worked on Dexterity and Control in PE. These skills help students to draw and write with control and build with small blocks and use self- help skills like zippering jackets. The children enjoyed activities such as dropping clothes pins into a container, maneuvering a magnet on a “track” and stringing cereal.
In March, we will concentrate on tumbling to gain strength, agility, flexibility and endurance. The children will enjoy activities such as rolling forwards and backwards, crawling through tunnels, doing the camel and bear walks, dancing the bunny hop and going through obstacle courses. ~Ms. Baker

Music: This month the students have been learning about instruments, orchestras, and musical scores. We have learned about the four music families and made a chart showing that most of the instruments in our school belong to the percussion family. After listening to instruments playing alone and together in an orchestra, we listened to Peter and the Wolf. Everyone was in suspense waiting for the ending. It was fun using our school instruments and adapting them to our own version of Peter and the Wolf. Next month we will focus on keeping the beat and hopefully learn how to play a few songs with hand bells! ~Mrs. Draper

Sign Language: During the month of February, the students have been learning the signs for different types of transportation. They enjoyed working together as teams while playing a board game using the transportation signs. We also reviewed family and animal signs. The students have been learning question word signs that we hope to use during our Friday show and tell times. Signing songs is always fun and we began learning the signs to one of our favorites, “Four Seasons.” Next month we will be reviewing things around the home and learning machine and technology signs. ~Mrs. Draper

Art and Drama: Art and Drama students have been drawing and painting and using their imaginations to play theater games. Their favorite is “Wax Museum” where one player, the custodian, sets the theme (like rock stars or animals)
and they must be still like wax museum statues. The children then “melt” if the custodian sees them move. The last child standing gets to be the custodian the next time. Other games included storytelling, improv ad pantomime. We continued to read about Katie and her adventures in the museum as she visits the Mona Lisa and the Sunflowers. by Vincent Van Gogh. After reading Kapono and the Turtle, are students created ocean paintings using “cool colors” and blue, green and purple were added. by Vincent Van Gogh. After reading Kapano and the Turtle, are students created ocean paintings using “cool colors” and blue, green and purple were added. ~Mrs. Ruth

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