January News 2016

December in Review

Wow, it seems so long ago that we had December! The children were very busy and the three weeks we were in school went by very
fast! The first two weeks the children were emerged in the Math and Numbers Theme. Although we do mathematics in some shape or form every day, this theme allowed us to submerge ourselves in arithmetic while using literature and songs. The children learned that math is about numbers and is a way to compare things. We emphasized number value by making groups of objects to see what 1 looked like, what 10 looked like and what 20 looked like. We compared how it takes fewer large objects to fill a space than it does for smaller objects. We looked at what zero means and played with negative space. We did addition activities while reading Counting Snails, subtraction activities with Splash! and played with division as we made equal sets while reading The Doorbell Rang. Using our feet, we practiced skip counting by two’s after enjoying the book Pairs of Socks. Numbers are fun. Numbers go on forever. Some said infinity was the biggest number. Some said googolplex was the largest number. Others felt 100 was the biggest number in the world. However, it was not until one little girl said 50 was the largest number when this 52- year-old classroom teacher terminated the discussion! We ended December with our wonderful Holidays Around the World Theme. Thank you so much to the families that shared their own traditions and beliefs. It was a very warm and inviting time.


PE: In Physical Education in December, the children worked on balance through play activities. They walked on balance beams, steadied themselves on a board with a fulcrum, walked between and outside of lines, followed obstacle courses and hopped on one foot. In January, the focus will be on crossing the midline. The midline is the imaginary line down the center of the body. This allows the two sides of the brain to ‘communicate’ with each other when performing a skill that requires them to work together. Crossing the midline helps children with everyday tasks such as writing and reading left to right, putting on socks and hitting a ball with a bat. The children will focus on this skill with games like “Miss Mary Mac,” hitting opposite knees to poems, playing Cross the Hand Drop and passing objects while switching hands. Soccer Buddies will continue to supplement our PE program and beginning in January will come every Wednesday. ~Ms. Baker

Music: The students have been learning about math in music during December. Not only have we done a lot of counting and songs with numbers, but we have also learned that songs can contain patterns in words and music. They enjoyed listening to and repeating patterns played on a drum. We had fun learning a song about animal comparisons and added sign language to it. Next month we will begin learning about elements in music such as: pitch, tone, and dynamics. ~Mrs. Draper

Sign Language: During the month of December, the students learned the signs for different types of weather. They did well signing sentences and songs using weather words. We had fun using those signs and others we know to sign the song, Frosty the Snowman. We also began learning about what opposites are and some of those signs. The students practiced counting to 20 with number signs and reviewed food signs as we played food bingo. Next month we will continue learning about opposites and talk about community helpers. ~Mrs. Draper

Art and Drama: Art students drew a picture that tells a story and added a few “behind-the -scenes” happenings in the sidebars. Using markers and watercolor wash, they illustrated their favorite story from a book or created an entirely new one. In Drama we played with story cards that sparked creativity and gave fresh ideas for acting and storytelling. Theater games, singing and dancing were incorporated and enjoyed as always. ~Mrs. Ruth


Looking Ahead to January-HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January Themes:  Arctic and Snow  and Begin  Authors Study (Eric Carle and Kevin Henkes)

   Language Arts:

  • Learning about authors and illustrators
  • Listening for word families for –ose, -ay, -ight,-ice
  • Handwriting and Alliteration of the letters Gg, Jj, Qq, Uu,
  •  Writing a polar bear comparison book
  •  Writing: “______ and the three _______.”
  • Sequencing the Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
  •  Gathering information from non- fiction book

    Math, Science and Social Studies:

  • Expressing numbers and addition with Mitten math
  • Serrating snowmen
  • Problem Solving: “Where’s the


  • Using “money” to buy supplies for A House for Hermit Crab art project
  • Charting: “Are you as tall as a polar bear?” and “Have you thrown a snowball?”
  • Predicting what will melt the snow
  • Understanding how food source determines hibernating, migrating and adapting
  •  Observing ice and snow
  •  Studying polar bears
  •  Staying warm with blubber

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